Thursday, 27 November 2014

Coming into Alexandra House,

Coming into Alexandra House, I thought I'd be working with meek ladies who required my affection and backing. I thought I would professionally provide for them my assistance, yet that I would be the one doing the diligent work for these fragile women who had been gravely injured. I am humiliated to admit these absurd contemplations (intuitive or not), yet I am speculating that they are more regular than we might want to contemplate. 

The fact of the matter is, the ladies I work with are injured. However they are not regularly shallow wounds that take a matter of weeks to recover. Lives of selling out, control and trepidation can't be mended in a matter of days or weeks or months. These are damages that need years to recoup from—time that is once in a while given to a lady making moves to totally restart a life for she and her kids. 

What's more these ladies that I so noblely needed to ensure with my warmth and love? They ought to never have been given such a mixed up mark as I would have bound them to. Working with these unimaginable ladies to discover lodging, to ensure their youngsters, to work through the psychological weight that every individual brings with them—I have seen their quality and diligence. I have seen them battle to ensure the privileges of themselves and the ones they cherish. I have viewed on as they make headway and make courageous strides at the obscure, frequently without the backing of a general public that accuses them for the chains that headed them for so long. 

These ladies are not in need of any single knight, regardless of the fact that that knight is a bit distinctive and comes as a 20-something, social work understudy with all the best trusts and beliefs. The ladies I work with—my every day saints need a full armed force. Not an armed force to go before them, yet to remained alongside them. They need backers who will go along side them in their trip. Promoters supporting them in the way they pick and battling for an all the more simply society. 

Since the truth is, one in four ladies are confronting this fight, recuperating from residential and sexual roughness, making room in the trenches for the following lady who will be constrained into the positions.